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Patient portal app

The patient portal app helps users manage their personal health records (PHRs), schedule appointments, pay bills, and communicate with their care team on the go.

This is an individual class project for the prototype and interaction design course.

Wireframing, Interaction Design, UI design, Prototyping


Mobile access to a patient portal (aka personal health record) is essential to bridging the digital divide and helping those who may have limited access to computers. Yet, a patient portal app must be able to satisfy the diverse needs of healthcare patients in a timely and secure manner.


User stories and personas were already provided, so most of the process was centered around taking the user stories and ensuring all acceptance criteria was met, while maintaining a cohesive look as well as meeting accessibility guidelines.

First, quick sketches are made to design the user flow and check the interactivity based on the user stories.

Next, the major activities are wireframed and the usability is tested.

Lastly, the entire site including details are designed based on the style guide I formulated. And most importantly, the design issue found in the test were addressed.


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