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The Full Story


Hello! I am a UX/UI designer based in the Bay Area (San Mateo to be exact) where I live with my husband, two kids, and two kittens. After working as a product manager for 10+ years in the game, edutech, and marketplace industries),  I decided to immerse myself back in UX/UI design. 


And you are wondering... what's up with a donut on the home page? Actually, it's a joke :D I don't even like donuts. This is not even eatable as it's s a 3D model, created in Blender (3D modeling software). For those who don't know why this is funny, please check this website that makes fun of the UX design portfolios (hint: it mentions a 3D-modeled donut)


Fun Facts

My name doesn’t sound like it, but I am originally from Japan, and I am an avid Japanese Taiko player and occasionally perform at local events.

Career Change

I left my job as a Sr Producer at Duality Robotics last year to enroll in a Master's degree in Human Factors at Bentley University. Having experience in product design and development for over 20 years, I thought that there wouldn't be much to learn, to be honest - I was so wrong! Last 2 years, I learned not only how to think but also gained knowledge in UX Research and how to utilize the findings in design. Also, through my current work as a UX program manager, I am gaining valuable lessons from the industry's top designers and researchers. (How lucky I am!) 

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