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VR Goggles


VR target shooting game


This is a solo project from Unity XR developer BootCamp. This mini game can be played on the website or using a VR headset.

My role:

Content design

Coding in C#

Texture, 3D modeling

Scereenshot of the web browser version


Demo Video

Audio volume ^


creator pro

Geopogo's Creator Pro, Magic Leap 2 version is a powerful augmented reality (AR) app that allows you to visualize your architectural designs in a real-world context. Using Creator Pro, your Revit, SketchUp, or NavisWorks models can be placed in any location. Then you can walk around and interact with the models.

MY ROLE: UX/UI design, UI setup in Unity

CLIENT: Geopogo

How might we create intuitive navigation in AR?

UX design for XR can be complex due to the blend of physical and digital elements, technical constraints, and the need for immersive and intuitive experiences. It requires a deep understanding of both traditional UX design principles and the unique affordances and challenges presented by XR technologies.

Prototype in Figma

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